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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wella Enrich Moisturizing treatment for dry and damaged hair Review:

Hello beauties! Today I am going to review this product called Wella Enrich Moisturizing treatment which is mainly for dry and damaged hair. Well First let me admit, I dont really use hair masks very often but this one was suggested to me by a dear friend who has tried it and swears by this one product! So I decided it to give it a try. As it is, my hair have started feeling lifeless and dry all thanks to this hot weather! Hence I purchased this Wella Enrich Moisturizing treatment in the hope of getting back my healthy shinny hair. So did it actually help! Well lets find out.

The Wella Enrich mask comes in a bright orange colored tub. Just a regular one,nothing fancy. I purchased this 150 ml bottle for normal to thick hair. This is how it looks like::

My take on the product:
Now lets come to the main section. How do I find it? Well to begin with I TOTALLY love its fragrance. The moment you open the bottle you can sense a fruity pleasant fragrance which lingers on while the mask is on and slowly disappears. The tub packaging is quite convenient. The product is quite thick in consistency and glides on smoothly. As you can tell I have already used a lot of it!
See how thick it is in consistency!

How do i use it ?
 Ok so first I towel dry my hair and then take some amount of the mask on my fingers and run it through my hair, but not the scalp. I gently comb my hair to ensure even distribution of the product and leave the mask on for around 15 minutes. After that I rinse it away with cold water. I use it twice a month. My hair feel super soft and smooth and I just cannot resist touching them over and over again. They feel so frizz free. It is a magical product for all those with dry and damaged hair. I would surely recommend this to everyone. Just give it a try and you will feel the difference.

  • Amazing fruity fragrance
  • Convenient and sturdy packaging
  •  My hair feel so soft and tangle free after using it.
  • The creamy formula is so easy to apply and spread.
  • Treats Damaged and Dry hair leaving them frizz free.
Some people may find it expensive. Also availability might be an issue.
I love it and will surely like you guys to try it out!


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