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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Lancome Blush Subtil in Aplum review:

Hey dolls, today I am going to review a blush which is from Lancome. This is described as being a "delicate oil-free powder blush". Anything which says "oil free" is definitely a plus for me! I have tried a lot of blushes but many of them are so pigmented that I end up looking like a clown! :(  So I am very careful while choosing a blush. But this Lancome blush is totally a wonder product. Read on to find more:


The Blush Subtil comes in a regular black Lancome case with the conventional Lancome signature rose.  I got it as a freebie with a purchase so it does not have a brush. Other wise it is quite expensive but then all Lancome products are! It is quite compact and easy to carry and it has a mirror inside too! Yayyyy! ( I use a mirror quite often)!! :)

My take on the product:
The Lancome Blush subtil in Aplum is a gorgeous berry shade which goes on lightly but the good thing is that it is quite build able. It looks very natural on me and I have got a whole lot of compliments when I apply this! This blush is so wearable on daily basis plus you can build it up for a night out. One good thing is that it will flatter a lot of skin tones. Another good thing is that it is oil free and feels super duper light on my skin. It goes on like a dream and is pretty blendable. You are left with a healthy glow sort of effect! What else do you want? 
Another reason to love this blush is its Staying Power! Even at the end of the day I can still see that soft subtle pinkinsh blush on my cheeks and I feel no need for a touch up! Amazing though, now I know why the product is so expensive. Inexpensive blushes go quite intense from the beginning but this Lancome Blush Subtil goes on smoothly and you can gradually build it as you would like.


  • Oil Free
  • Easy to apply
  • Compact and easy to carry
  •  Looks very natural as if I am naturally blushing:)
  • Amazing staying power
  • EXPENSIVE (in capital letters:) )
Needless to say that I love love love this blush but the only downside is the price. Nevertheless if you are looking for a very natural soft blush and price is not an issue then I would surely suggest you to purchase this Lancome Blush Subtil in Aplum!
For me its a 5 on 5.



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