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Monday, July 21, 2014

How to make your hair look longer than they actually are!

A lot of us desire long silky hair,but the truth is lets face it, not all of us have beautiful voluminous hair! So is there nothing we can do about it? Will longer hair will always remain a fantasy? Well fret not, I bring to you some very easy tips and tricks to make your hair look longer! Well it's not science fiction, its not magic, it's just simple tricks. Extensions may be one of them, but not the only trick for long hair. Lets see how can we achieve this:

1. Straighten it:

Your favorite hair straightener might just be the answer to longer looking hair. Not only straightening your hair will make them longer it will also make them shinier! If you have curly hair then straightening them will instantly make you hair super long! You can see the difference right away. Not to forget, it will add more glamor to your look.

2. Pull it up in a glamorous bun!

You may ask how does this work? Ok just give this one a try. If you have shoulder length hair, they surely will look longer if you tease the bottom part and twist it into a chignon. Hair buns give a more voluminous look to your hair and make them look longer!

3.Add shine

Straight and shiny equals longer looking! Another optical illusion and another awesome tip to try out. For shine you may want to invest in a good quality serum which will add shine and prevent frizz! Remember it takes very little time to just run the serum along the length of your hair but totally worth it. Tamed frizz free hair DO look longer!

4.Braid it:
This one will change your hairstyle for good. You can opt for micro-braids. It can be used to fake a super fast hair growth. You can purchase synthetic hair of desired length and braid them up with your own hair and you are good to go. This will look chic and will protect your hair too!

So these were quick simple tips to make your hair look longer.  What's your favorite trick?

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