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Friday, July 25, 2014

Revlon : Flirt Review

Hello ladies! I am feeling so lazy and tired these days all thanks to this super hot weather! Just to lift my mood up I decided to go for a shopping spree. I have many functions coming up so I bought a lot of dresses and some makeup. I did not want to purchase any nail color because I have "a lot" of them which are just lying untried in my makeup drawer. Probably I buy more quickly than I can use! But when I saw this gorgeous color from Revlon called 'FLIRT', I could not leave the store without it! The color itself is so lively and makes me cheerful when I look at it. Long story cut short, let's get onto the review:

Flirt by Revlon is a very cool shade of orchid. I wish I could capture its beautiful true color on camera but alas, the camera does not translate exactly. I always had a soft spot for these kind of lavender/pink colors. It compliments the shape of my nails and gives them a longer appearance. The color is bright and an instant mood lifter but not too loud.
The Revlon FLIRT stays on for a good 5 days on me. I am not the kind of person who would like to change their nail color very often, so a longer lasting nail color = A happy me:)

Plus its not expensive so I can always repurchase once I finish it. All in all a gorgeous shade from Revlon and if you like all sorts of pinks/lavender/orchid then go for it!


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