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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Charm Limit Nail polish review:

Hello ladies. This is a quick review on a nail polish brand I have never tried before! It is called Charm Limit. I love glitters and everything sparkly, so I decided to pick this up at a local store. Although the name of the shade is not mentioned anywhere I would like to describe it as a clear nail polish with small white bar glitters and a lot of golden hexagonal shaped glitters. The sparkles look very attractive in the bottle. Take a look

As you can see the whole bottle is filled with glitters-hexagonal and bar shaped. Because of the golden glitters the overall look of the bottle is golden yellow. Sometimes I just put a single coat of this clear sparkly nail polish like so

But when I am in mood to add some color to my nails I use one coat of colored nail color and top it up with the Charm Limit nail polish. This way my nail color also lasts longer.

The formula is a bit on the thicker side and a little difficult to work with. Another downside is its weird smell like that of a cheap nail polish! Plus it is very difficult to remove. All it does is give a sparkly funky look to your nails, other than that it has nothing special. Did not really like the formula, smell and texture!

  1. Looks good on your nails
  2. It gives your nails a trendy look
  3. Inexpensive
  1. Hate the smell
  2. Thick formula which is difficult to work
  3. It takes too long to remove this nail polish.(Which is a problem with most glitter nail polishes)
If you just want a different cool look on your nails you can try it out, otherwise you can totally give it a miss. Not worth trying! 
What is your favorite glitter nail polish?


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