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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

L'oreal color riche naturally nude lipsitck review:

Hey lovelies! Nude lipsticks have always been my favorite because they give a very natural color to my lips and go with a variety of outfits. Today I am going to review a lipstick from L'oreal called 'Naturally nude'. As the name suggests it looks quite natural on the lips and imparts a very subtle peachy color to them. The first think which grabbed my attention was the name. Then I decided to pick it up for myself as it is a drugstore product and not too heavy on my wallet. Was it worth the buy? Well, read on to find more...


The packaging is simple, a regular silver case, easy to carry. If you carefully notice, there is a small teardrop of 'Anti aging serum' that runs through the middle of the lipstick. The basic purpose of this is to improve the look of your lips and decrease fine lines. Quite interesting! You may wonder as to how this can be done? The way it does this is by acting as a lip plumping lipstick thereby minimizing any fine lines!

My take on the product:

The L'oreal color riche 'Naturally nude' is a coralish nude that goes on semi sheer but is still opaque enough to deliver color on my lips once applied. You can also notice a slightly glossy sheen with a frost finish. I love the color pay off and it lasts pretty long. 6 hours on me which is quite decent!!
  • Glossy semi sheer effect
  • Anti aging serum gives a plumping effect and fuller looking lips
  • Nice every day shade
  • Lasts on pretty long
  • Drugstore hence affordable 

I love this L'oreal 'Naturally nude' lipstick and I wear it quite often. It looks natural and goes with a lot of my outfits! I would surely repurchase it.


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