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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Avon Glazeware Intense Lip Gloss review:

Hey everyone, today I going to review Avon Glazeware intense lip gloss in the shade 'Cherry Liqueur'. I love trying out new lip gloss shades so I ended up picking this one at the store. For some reason I decided to try the shade cherry liqueur. I dont know why but I had this feeling that this is one shade which will compliment a lot of outfits and skin tones. So here's my take on the product:


Just by looking at it, you would not find anything fancy in the packaging itself. This gloss comes in a plastic bottle and has a black lid. I find it quite travel friendly and easy to carry. Now moving on to the texture, it is not too runny and very easy to apply. A single stroke, and trust me on that, gives opaque color to your lips. I mean, it is super duper pigmented! What else can you ask for in a lip gloss!

 Take a look at the texture:

The results of this Avon Glazware Intense lip gloss are amazing. You get highly pigmented color with a glossy effect. It makes your lips look so juicy and shiny!  It is very kind to dry flaky lips and the formulation is pretty moisturizing. It lasts upto 4 hours after which a stain is left behind.

The shade 'Cherry Liqueur':
Now talking about the shade which I picked up. This shade is called g406 that is 'Cherry Liqueur'. This shade is a beautiful reddish brown shade with a lot of glossy effect. One thing I love about this shade is that it would compliment all skin types! The micro shimmer is lovely and non gritty.

 It looks like this under sunlight:

  1. Travel friendly
  2. Smooth texture
  3. Moisturizing
  4. Non sticky
  5. This shade suits all skin type.
  6. Highly pigmented
The BAD:
Needs to be re applied after 4 hours.
Overall I just love the product and would surely recommend it to all of you. Have you tried it out yet?



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