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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

How to get a perfect long lasting POOF without teasing your hair or using any hair spray:

Hey everyone. Today I am gonna share with you my version of creating a hair poof but without the teasing and the spray! We all know how to make a poof teasing our hair but it damages the hair and it takes a lot of time. I mean who has the time to tease hair before leaving to work or school. To my rescue came this velcro pad which I happened to see at the local market and I thought to myself "YES , maybe this could work!". I had no two ways about it and immediately purchased it. Here is the star product which looks like

This velcro pad is super easy to use and the results are simply awesome. It hardly takes less than two minutes to create a poof. Here is how I use it:

Step 1:
Take a front section of your hair and separate it from the rest of your hair.

 Step 2:
Place this soft velcro pad on to your hair and press it gently.
Step 3:
Now take the front section and place it on the upper part of the velcro pad..

Step 4:
Secure the poof with two hair pins.
That's it. It is super easy and quick. The velcro will keep your hair in place and the best thing is that the poof is not too high and looks pretty natural. Hence you can wear it on regular day to day basis.


Different options:
  • For a half pony, place this pad closer to the top of your head. Just make sure that the rubber band use to hold the pony tail in under the pad.
  • For a full pony, place the pad anywhere from top to bottom depending on what look you want.
While removing, just gently slide it down the length of your hair. Isn't it such a simple and harmless way to create a hair poof. I totally love it!
So what do you think? Will you be rocking the puff?

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