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Saturday, July 26, 2014

How to tell when to toss your old makeup:

Hello ladies! Do you wonder what could be the signs you need to know to throw your makeup away? Using old,expired makeup can not only harm your skin but can cause allergies, acne and other problems you would definitely not like. Does that mean you should throw away your makeup frequently and switch to new one? Relax! Makeup has quite a lot of shelf life but there are some signs which could warn you to discontinue using it asap and buy new one. What are those signs? Well here I list the most important changes to look for in your makeup which might be hinting you to toss it away!

1. You have had it for months:
There might be some products which have not been used for the past few months or an year or so. Throw them away! If you use old makeup especially eyeshadow and mascara, you put yourself at a higher risk for eye infection, say experts. Mascara has the shortest life span and use it as quickly as possible after opening its packaging. Note down the date when you opened the bottle and use it for only for a few months and then replace it with a new one!

2. It smells:
If you notice a strange smell coming from your makeup products its time to part away with them! Especially lipsticks tend to produce a strange odor if  expired. This is because with time ingredients can degrade or the product can harbor bacteria which can grow and multiply in it. This may cause many skin problems and infections. Give your stuff a whiff every now and then to stay on top of things. If I notice even a slight strange smell in my makeup I immediately toss it away before any second thought!

3. Change in texture:
If your eyeliner stops creating a smooth even line or your creamy lipstick becomes clumpy its time to replace them asap. In genral whenever your makeup changes texture you should buy new one. Change in texture is an indication of chemical degradation in your makeup and is always wise to discontinue such stuff! On the positive side , a good reason to buy new one :)

4. It separates:
Separation is a problem with liquid makeup products such as foundations. If that happens just chuck it right away. If you do not discontinue using such stuff, it can cause Staph infections and flesh eating disease! Nobody would want that, so do not risk your skin and change your makeup products often. Having said that, if you notice that your stuff is separated don't shake it and ignore the issue but buy new one.
So ladies are you getting ready to go through your makeup? It will only take a few minutes I promise but will save you from skin infections and allergies! I hope that was helpful.


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