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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

One thing which can make you beautiful instantly :

Everybody wants to look their best and there is neck to neck competition amongst makeup companies which are trying to sell their products. As a result we as consumers get highly confused as to which product to go for! But one thing which can definitely make you beautiful right now is your internal happiness! Yes that's right. Happiness! We all think that if I look good or if I have all the high end cosmetics then I will be happy! But remember if I am happy I will look good. I will be happy if my kids obey me, I have a nice car or a good house! But hey listen, there is no better time to be happy than right NOW!

The type or quality of thoughts we create will produce corresponding feelings! So we should try to always think positive! Now what happens if things dont go the way I want them to? In such situations we tend to loose our happiness because we have always believed that external situation decides our internal state of mind! This, however is not true! Blaming the external situation just makes us feel so helpless and remember we all are very powerful. By blaming others we cease to take the responsibility of our own creation that is our own thoughts.

Different kinds of situations may come and go but we should always keep in mind that they are just a stimulus and we always have a choice to think positive or negative. We can not control situations or people but we can definitely control the way we  react to it! Happiness is a personal choice which will not only make your life harmonious but will give you a beautiful and radiant glow even without makeup! So start today , consciously decide to stay happy and calm no matter what the situation is! Happy faces are always beautiful!!   


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