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Friday, June 6, 2014

5 ways you are ruining your health without even realizing it!

In the quest of a perfect body or a successful career you might be doing some things which could potentially damage your health and you might be completely unaware of these. After all who doesnt want a perfect body and those oh-so awesome curves! Most of us are so busy in making money that we hardly get any time for our health, forget a perfect body! But here are some useful tips which can keep in mind all day to get a healthier lifestyle. If you are guilty of any of these, its time to look back and think as to what you need to do in order to get a healthy life.

1. You simply dont eat enough:
Do you agree with this "You dont eat enough!". This may be due to fear of calories or it could be due to lack of time! Whatever be the reason it may damage your health a lot. Not eating enough may cause pre mature aging and even digestive issues. So starting from today just take care of this point that you must eat and eat healthy I would say to increase your work productivity.

2.You are working overtime everyday:

We all have to meet our goals and sometimes we tend to forget that we need to take good rest and sleep properly to increase our work effeciency. Are you always working overtime and taxing your body way to much? Ask yourself and if the answer is YES then take a break step back and give yourself some well deserved rest. 

 3. You might be skipping your veggies!

Eating processed food may literally ruin your health. Nothing can be better than fresh vegetables and the good thing is that you can eat them as much as you like without gaining weight. So learn to love your veggies and you will remain healthy and happy!

4. Water Water Water!

This is one very important thing which you might be forgetting but is very important. Water! It keeps you hydrated, energized and improves your skin's texture! So next time you are thirsty opt for water instead of other drinks. 

5. Anger and stress!
You might be carrying  alot of anger and stress with you. Trust me, this can ruin your work efficiency and deplete your energy! Just let go off all the negative thoughts and anger and try to focus on your goals. This will not only increase your ability to work but will also keep you happy and stress free.

  Keeping these simple points in mind can help you to improve your health and lead a happy life. Hope that was helpful.


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