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Friday, April 4, 2014

Things you might be doing that could damage your skin:

The skin is the largest organ of our body. We all try and take good care of our skin but there may be certain things which we might be doing that can possibly damage it. Here's a lowdown on potential things/habits which can cause irreversible skin damages:

1. Milk:

Surprising but true! a lot of dermatologist speak about the co-relation between milk(especially skimmed milk) and acne. There are reports of patients having clearer skin after lowering milk consumption.

2. You are what you eat:

This is so true! If you want to keep your skin healthy and glowing dont forget to add fruits and green vegetables to your diet. I know we all know this but dont really follow. You could even mash a fruit or a tomato and apply it over your face, rinsing with cold water after ten minutes! You will instantly notice the difference. From personal experience I have realized that extra spicy and oily food does make me breakout. But that is for me! You can experiment it for yourself.

3. Jeans:

We all sometimes get some red marks on our belly if our jeans are a bit tight. But that's ok. If in case you notice red bumps or rashes on your abdomen area it could be an allergy to the nickel on the snaps or buttons of their jeans. So next time you notice a red mark on your stomach pay close attention to it!

4. Smoking and drinking:

This is another popularly known cause of skin damage. Apart from the numerous side effects, smoking makes your skin look old and wrinkled. Likewise alcohol does no good to your skin too!

4. Falling asleep with you makeup on!

This is one thing which we take care of. We normally do not sleep with our makeup on! But on certain lazy nights we tend to ignore this step! That is when the problem begins! This can lead to bacterial infection, clogged pores and acne! So next time even if you are super tired just take out a few moments to wipe off your makeup before you hit the bed. 

5. Weight loss regime:
You may want to loose weight but do it the right way. I mean dont just simply stop eating. Eat healthy and stop eating junk food. Skipping meals can cause the skin to age faster and look wrinkled and without glow. This is something you would not want. 

All in all I would like to say that lead a healthy life, exercise, take out some time for yourself! Indulge in what makes you happy. Throw stress out of your window and take good care of yourself!


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