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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Quick tips to make your nails grow faster and stronger!

We all want well groomed nails which look beautiful, but for some reasons they just wont grow at the desired rate. Here are some easy yet effective tips and tricks for all of you to grow your nails quickly. Lets get started!

1. You need to understand that our nails are made of keratin which is a protein also present in our hair. So for healthy and strong nails you must have food rich in protein such as eggs and beans. This will not only give you strong nails but also healthy hair!

2. Dont forget to regularly trim your nails to get rid of any weak part. 
Another useful tip which I would like to share with you is apply petroleum jelly on your nails and cuticles before going to bed. 

3. Apply Olive oil to your nails in order to moisturize them. Dry and dull nails are easily prone to breakage. I like to take a few drops of olive oil and rub it gently between my palms and nails. This instantly softens my hands and imparts a healthy shine to my nails.
4. Avoid biting and scratching your nails:
Sometimes people tend to bite their nails when they are worried, bored or just like that. If you are one of them then STOP this immediately. 
 Not only is it unhealthy, it also makes your nails very weak and brittle. 

5. Go easy on water:
If you are constantly in water your nails may become weak and fragile. They will tend to break easily. Nails are porous and absorb water. So thoroughly dry them with a hand towel to prevent breakage.
So these were some easy tips to get strong and beautiful nails. I hope you will keep these in mind. For more tips feel free to comment and subscribe. 


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  1. This is really helpful especially for me (a nail biter). I read your comment on my blog post. I'm willing to follow you on GFC. Please follow me back too! Thanks, vanillant.blogspot.com