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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Five easy ways to brighten your eyes instantly:

1. White Eyeliner:

Using a white eyeliner is an effective way to brighten your eyes and make them look bigger! You may wanna start with a bone colored pencil, placing it rite in the inner corner of your eye. This is probably the easiest trick to brighten your eyes and make them look fresh.
2. Conceal your dark circles:

A lot of us have dark under eye area which we must conceal in order to make our eyes look fresh. This is because dark under eye make us look tired. So start by choosing a right foundation for your skin tone and mask those dark circles. You may also want to consider a good concealer for the same. One important point to be kept in mind is that do not forget to blend it well. You dont wanna make your eyes look cakey.

3. Use a hint of shimmer:

You can also consider using shimmer for your eyes to make them look fresh! I am not talking about using glitters but a hint of shimmer will definitely do the trick. Just go in for your favorite shade of eye shadow and swipe it along your lid to get that BRIGHT effect!

4. Use a pink blush:

There is some sort of co-relation between using a pink blush and bright eyes! I mean just try it for yourself and you will feel the difference. Take your pink blush and place it right on the apple of your cheeks. You will notice how it makes your face look fresh and brightens your eyes. I mean there is no harm in trying. Right?

5. Curl your lashes:

This is one very crucial step in making your eyes appear brighter and bigger. Curling your lashes make them look fuller and longer and lifts your eyes. All you have to do is curl your eye lashes using a good eye lash curler and apply 2 coats of mascara to it. Remember not to overdo the mascara as this may make your eyes look smaller.
So ladies, these were some simple tips and tricks to brighten your eyes. What's your favorite trick?


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