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Sunday, June 22, 2014

5 easy tips to avoid your makeup from fading:

Hey all you lovely ladies. Everyone wants to look fresh and beautiful but this hot weather is taking a toll on our looks! We all know that our  makeup can fade away very quickly, making us look dull. What is needed is some simple tips and tricks to make our makeup look intact and fresh in spite of this hot weather. After all whats the point in investing in good quality costly makeup which fades away quickly. Here I share with you some tips to prevent your makeup from fading!

1. Wash your face to begin with:
 This is a crucial step to long lasting makeup. You wanna start fresh and choose a cleanser according to your skin type. If you have oily or combination skin then you want to make sure that there is absolutely no oil on your face else there is no point in doing makeup on oily face! So first things first , wash your face properly.

2. Prime your face:
Ok we all know this and there is nothing new to it. But what surprises me is that although we all know this, but we don't really follow it. I mean not all of us invest in a good quality primer! I suggest, go in for a good primer for your face which will even out your skin tone and help your makeup last longer. Try to choose one which contains sunscreen. The purpose of doing all this is not only long lasting makeup but it also creates a barrier between our skin and makeup thereby preventing our pores from getting clogged! So go ahead and grab one good quality primer today!

3. Use oil free makeup:
When you are trying to figure out ways to prevent your makeup from fading try to use oil feel formulas. These last longer and keep your skin matte. After applying your foundation, lightly dust it with powder to lock it all in. 

4. Set your eyeliner:
One thing which I cannot live without is my eyeliner and I love to use it on my waterline! But one drawback is that it hardly stays there and fades away quickly. If you face the same problem then I have a handy tip for you. First line your waterline with an eyeliner and then set it with a powder eyeshadow in similar shade. What it does is, it makes your eyeliner last longer and there is no need for touch ups!

5. Blending is the key to long lasting makeup:
Take your time to blend your makeup well. This not only makes it look better but also helps the makeup last longer. Blending hlps to ensure that your makeup bonds and gives you hours of wear! So next time do not forget to blend.

And lastly do not forget to lock it all up using a good makeup spray! So these were some simple tips I like to use in order to prevent my makeup from fading. I hope they were helpful.What are your favorite tips?


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