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Monday, August 11, 2014

Tips to keep your backcombed/teased hair healthy:

Hey everyone. I love the look of large, elaborate up dos and creating a super glamorous puff and for that I have to tease my hair. I know its not good for my hair and all of that but as long as I love the final look I end up backcombing my hair pretty often. But I have discovered some ways which work for me in keeping my hair healthy even after teasing them. I would like to share it with you guys. Now you will be able to back comb your hair without having to worry about the damage. Having said that, I do not mean that you can tease your hair every single day and expect no damage at all. I just mean that keeping these simple steps in mind would cause very little hair damage. So you can still look glamorous with those puffs and beehives!

Step1: Use a ball tipped paddle brush:

Whenever you decide to backcomb your hair, try using a ball tipped paddle brush instead of a regular comb! The wider spaced bristles would not snag your hair as much as a comb thereby preventing knotting and breaking. It also creates a static which gives a fuller volume and hence you need  little backcombing!!

Step 2. Use a good shampoo and conditioner:
You must use a moisture sealing shampoo along with a good conditioner to prevent split ends. You may consider using the same family of products that is a shampoo and conditioner of the same brand. This will help lock in moisture and make your hair healthy and thus more resistant to breakage during teasing.

Step 3. Always brush your hair out at night:
The worst thing you can do to your hair is sleep with teased hair. It is very damaging to your hair, trust me! Plus it takes like forever to de-tangle your hair which are in a total mess by then! No matter how tired you are at night just take out 5 minutes and start at the ends and work upwards, smoothing out a tiny section at a time. It may seem frustrating and time consuming but is totally worth the effort. You also want to work with small sections because it is less painful that dragging a brush straight through!

Step 4. Try avoiding heat appliances:
You may want to skip using heat appliances and instead use rollers and plaiting to achieve the same look. This will cause less hair damage and will give almost same effect. This also gives a boost of natural volume so you wont have to backcomb your hair a lot. Sometimes using heating appliances is a must for a certain look but USE it only when it is absolutely required.

Step 5. Strokes are important:
Remember to use short strokes rather than long fluid strokes while teasing your hair. Practice till you get the correct results. The key to teasing your hair is UNIFORMITY! You should aim at making all the sections of the same size and tightness. Also you want to avoid backcombing freshly washed hair as they may be overly soft and slippery and more prone to damage.
So these were some simple steps to avoid hair damage while backcombing or teasing your hair. Hope that was helpful. 


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