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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

MAC Chatterbox lipstick review:

Hey everyone! Today I will be reviewing a very pretty shade of lipstick from MAC named Chatterbox. I own quite a lot of MAC lipsticks and I love them and this one is no exception! It is described a s a bright , red pink with an amplified creme finish. This lipstick is quite vibrant but not in the neon category. You can call it a medium rosy sort of pink which is perfect for everyday wear. It can also be worn for a night out! I just love how versatile it is. Lets get on to the review:

My take on the product:
I have an affinity for the Amplified creme finish lipsticks. This is because they are super pigmented, very creamy and have an incredible lasting power:) These lipsticks hug your lips and after some hours leave a beautiful stain which needs no touch ups! I mean I feel so carefree as I do not have to constantly check if my lipstick has smudged, faded or feathered! The MAC chatterbox is a bright pink with a touch of coral. It compliments a variety of skin tones. I applied it at 9 am and it was very much there till 3 pm. WOW! Even after 3 pm there was a gorgeous stain which I did not touch up so the lipstick stays on for a very long time. Being super pigmented, one swipe gives an opaque finish. Overall I love it and there is nothing which I dislike about it. Take a look at the swatches.
All in all Chatterbox is a shade that I would reach for when a nude pink would be too subtle and a hot pink would be too much in the context of my makeup. It's a fun shade when I am feeling cheery and girly. It's surely a feel good shade which will get you noticed! Have you tried it yet? What is your favorite MAC lipstick?



  1. Hey I nominated you for the liebster award! Feel free to check out the details on my blog if you're interested. Thanks!

  2. That color is goregous!great post!:)