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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

L'Oreal Paris Hair Expertise New Re-Nutrition shampoo review:

Hello all my beautiful ladies. How are you all doing? Today i will be reviewing a shampoo from L'Oreal. It's the Re-nutrition shampoo for dry hair. Now let me describe my hair a bit. I have chemically straightened and highlighted hair. As you all know coloring and straightening can make your hair pretty dry and that's exactly what happened with me. My natural hair had luster and shine and they were a bit on the oilier side. But now my hair have started to loose shine and look quite dry. So this was primarily the reason behind why I picked up the new L'Oreal Hair Expertise Re-Nutrition shampoo. I had high hopes from it and I thought it would provide the added nutrition which my hair needed. Well did it deliver what it promised? Read on to know more!

Product details:
L’Oreal Paris introduces the latest solution to nourish and revive dry hair. Re-Nutrition range features our latest conditioning technology with an extract derived from nature: Royal Jelly. Give your dry hair the royal treatment every day.  With an ultra-light, non-greasy texture the L’Oreal Paris Re-Nutrition shampoo instantly transforms the hair fiber, leaving it silky, flowing and lightweight.

The shampoo comes in a white plastic bottle with a yellow flip open cap. The cap is sturdy and easy to use!
The shampoo itself is light yellow in color.
One thing which I adore is the fragrance. I love the mild, pleasant fragrance which lingers around for a day or so but is in no way overpowering. In fact I went to receive a friend and when she hugged me the first question she asked was "What perfume is that?" :)  I don't know how to describe it but it is simply awesome.

My take on the product:
The L'Oreal Paris Hair Expertise New Re-Nutrition shampoo does an excellent job in cleansing my scalp.This product contains “royal jelly,” which is a honey bee by-product which claims to contain 10 essential nutrients including glycose, proteins, lipids, vitamin-B, oligo-elements, amino acids, minerals, etc. This boost of nutrition does make my hair super soft and voluminous. I just cannot stop touching my hair. Plus it is inexpensive. I follow it up with a conditioner and my hair simply feel great. It is totally worth the hype! Oh did I just mentioned I have already finished one bottle and I am on my second bottle of the shampoo:) One thing worth mentioning is that I have noticed slight hair fall after using this shampoo. Now I am not sure if this hair fall is due to monsoons(I experience hair fall sometimes in rainy season) or due to the shampoo. But it is slight and I just hope it is due to weather only!

  1. Shiny, soft hair
  2. Awesome fragrance
  3. My hair do not feel dry any more.
  4. Inexpensive
  5. Easy availability
  6. Controls frizz.
I have noticed some hair fall after using the L'Oreal Paris Hair Expertise New Re-Nutrition shampoo.

I love this shampoo and I totally recommend to all of you who have dry brittle hair. It makes have soft voluminous and easy to manage. Have you tried it yet?


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