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Friday, August 15, 2014

New York Color NYC -408 Sherry Sparkle Lipstick review:

Hello lovelies. Today I will be reviewing a lipstick shade from NYC named "Sherry Sparkle". I was basically looking for some lipsticks for everyday wear and I came across this beautiful shade of lipstick which was just perfect for a daily use. It was the NYC -408 "Sherry Sparkle". There are so many gorgeous shades to choose from and the BEST part is that they are highly inexpensive. I would love to describe it as a everyday pocket friendly lipstick.  So lets get on to the review:

The packaging was a bit of a disappointment as the cap of the lipstick is made of plastic which felt cheap and was not at all sturdy. It comes in a rectangular case and the shade is written at the bottom. But please don't forget to swatch it at the back of your hand before purchasing as the shade shown in the label is very different from the actual lipstick shade:( You cant expect the packaging to be very fancy as the lipstick itself is very inexpensive! 

My take on the product:

First things first ! Let me describe the shade "Sherry Sparkle". It is a everyday rosy plum shade with a subtle hint of shimmer(hence the name) to crank it up just a bit when you want something ideally suited for workplace. It will flatter a variety of skin tones. The color is neither too dark nor too light and stays on for a good 4 hours on me! What else can you expect from such an inexpensive lip stick? The color does transfer a bit but nothing really annoying. I had no high expectations from this NYC lipstick but it really is worth trying. Take a look at the swatches:

  1. Pocket friendly
  2. Everyday wear shade
  3. Lasts 4 hours
  4. Available in gorgeous shades
  1. Cheap packaging
  2. Transfers and feathers a bit
I would recommend it to those of you who are looking for a budget lipstick but something which looks good and lasts long. Not a good choice for night outs though!