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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Clinique Long Last Soft Matte Lipstick in Matte Mandarin:

Hello everyone! How are you guys doing? Today I will be reviewing a matte lipstick from Clinique named 'Matte Mandarin'. I am generally a glossy lipstick girl myself, but the moment I saw these awesome matte shades from Clinique I instantly feel in love with them. It is very comfortable to wear, highly pigmented plus it does not dry my lips at all! You get to choose from 8 different vibrant shades and all of them are worth trying! Beautiful matte lipstick shades at affordable price, you surely don't wanna miss them! I picked up the one called 'Matte Mandarin' which I wanted really really badly! Lets take a look at the review::
About the product:

The intense pigments are ground in Cetyl Octanoate which is an ingredient that develops color to its true intensity. There are agents to set color and ingredients to deliver long moisturization. In fact one of the polymers used in the lipsticks was originally intended to prevent moisture loss on a clinical level. They are serious about moisture here!

My take on the product:
These Clinique lipsticks are very hydrating and feel very velvety on lips. Mandarin is an orange toned red and is highly pigmented - you literally only need one swipe over the lips and your good to go.It does look a bit glossy but when when once applied the color tones down to a matte finish with a super creamy texture. I would like to call the formula very luxurious which does not feather, migrate or transfer. As the name suggests it is indeed long lasting. I mean I applied it at 9 am and it was still there by 4 pm. Impressive I know! Take a look at the swatches:

I wish my camera could capture the true beauty of this lipstick but alas camera does not translate exactly. 
Anyways, the Clinique Long Last Soft Matte Lipstick in Matte Mandarin gets a huge stamp of approval from me. If you are looking for a matte lipstick which is long lasting, super pigmented yet kind to dry lips, then do not forget to check them out. 



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