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Monday, February 23, 2015

Kareena Kapoor Khan's secret diet plan revealed:

She is the mosh ravishing of all the Bollywood divas. She has unparalleled grace and charm. She introduced the concept of size ZERO in India. She is none other than the gorgeous Kareena Kapoor Khan. Recently in Delhi to endorse an ice cream brand 'Magnum' Kareena openly admitted to having a sweet tooth. This 34 year old actress loves to eat sweets and chocolates and has a hard time to resist them. 
This stunning actress launched the brand of premium ice creams which was assumed to have some connection with her being married to the royal Saif Ali Khan. Kareena clarified it saying

“It’s just a coincidence. With the tagline they want to elaborate on the feeling that seeps into you after you take the first bite of Magnum ice-cream — you get the royal feeling and royal treatment,” she said.

She confesses that she indulges in sweets on weekends and she follows a strict diet plan during the week. She doesn't believe in crash dieting and eats healthy and not junk food during the whole week. At weekends though she likes to indulge in whatever she wants and takes a break from her daily eating schedule.

“We started this association in 2014 when they offered me to be the brand ambassador and now it’s been a year. The journey has been great. As a kid I always used to have Magnum ice cream whenever we went abroad for vacations. So it was quite an honour for me when they asked me to be the face of the brand after they came to India. I am happy that they have continued their association,”Kareena added.
She wants everyone to stay fit and healthy and watch out for what you eat. But sometimes "You should also indulge in what you like to eat" said the Ra One actress!

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