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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Flipping your cat eyeliner upside down is the hottest new trend to follow:

New York Fashion Week has blessed us with so many great makeup ideas and different eye makeup looks! At this fashion week we saw 'Water droplet lashes' and some cool quick alternatives to eyeliners. But the hottest trend to emerge from NYFW is what is called 'Flip eyeliner'!
Fortunately you don't need fancy beauty products to create this look! As you all know creating a conventional cat eyeliner was very "In" for the quite sometime, but this cool twist will surely be loved by a lot of us. It not only looks good but is super easy to create. The difference between flip eyeliner and cat eyeliner is that instead of the cat eye that flicks up , flip eyeliner points down! It was seen at a few shows including Edun, Suno and Rag and Bone! It's a subtle downward stroke but it looks completely different from the usual feline flick.  The first image below is a conventional cat eyeliner.

The second and the third picture show the flip eyeliner.

You might also recognize it as your attempt at a cat eye that didn’t come out quite right, but it was close enough so you didn’t bother to remove it. Now, if you happen to flick your eyeliner downwards by accident, you can totally pretend that it was intentional. Plus, you’ll be right on trend for Fall 2015. You can always try to do it intentionally too.
Cat eyeliner or flip eyeliner the choice is yours! Both of them look chic and classy! Which one will you opt for?

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