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Friday, February 27, 2015

4 Eyeshadow tricks which will make you look glamorous instantly:

Hey girls! I love eyeshadows and I am sure all of us do. I mean I have loads of them still constantly have the urge to buy more. We all of different eye shapes, so there is no standard way of applying an eyeshadow, but there are certain hacks which can really make you look glamorous instantly. Wanna know how... Take a look..

1. Know your brushes:

This is the basics to applying eyeshadow. Using a correct brush for the correct color. When you want to sweep the color on your lids you use a fluffy brush. An angled brush is perfect for getting color into your crease and a flat brush is for lining your eyes. A big blending brush is perfect for blending and will give you a more professional look.  If you want the right look you should use the right brush. Phew!

 2. Apply eyeshadow in order:

Always start with the lightest eye shadow that you’ll be wearing, and apply from the inside corner of your eye (closest to your nose). If you’re applying a medium shade, put that in the center of your lid. The darkest color goes in the outside third, and the transition or blending color goes immediately above this third. Don't forget to blend blend blend:)

3. Brighten your eyes:

You can brighten your eye using a white or a flesh colored eyeliner on your lower waterline. Remember dark colors make your eyes appear smaller and light colors open them up. Try to keep all the dark colors on the outer 2/3 rd area of your eye. Don't forget to curl your lashes as it instantly opens it up! You can use a white eyeshadow on the inner corner of your eye to make it look bigger.

4. Learn your key color:

Different eye colors and shapes pop with different colored eyeshadows. Try experimenting with different colors and see which one suits you the best. If you’ve got dark brown eyes, try brown and bronze eye shadows, along with blacks, plums and dark brown. Dark brown eyes work best with black, plum, navy and taupe colors, or a strong smokey eye – that always looks amazing with dark brown eyes! Dark blue also suits brown shadows, along with slate grays and light purples. 

Keeping in mind these simple eyeshadow hacks will make you look gorgeous in no time!

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