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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Top five makeup mistakes

I have frequently seen people do these mistakes so i wana discuss them with u so that u can avoid these:
DONT choose a cakey foundation as it looks too heavy on your skin. they do create an even coverage but sometimes especially when you are wearing the wrong shade it can look like a mask making u look like a ghost. so choose ur foundation carefully!
Never apply lipstick to chapped lips as this may aggravate the condition.Instead use a lip balm or Vaseline.Gentle ex foliation with a mild exfoliator once or twice a week may help!
3) Not using a primer!
Eye primer and face primer not only help your makeup last longer but they provide a smooth canvas for other products.And they prevent color migration.yes it is an extra step but it only takes about half a minute and its worth it trust me!
another makeup mistake which most people make is the clumpy mascar look. It looks so uneven and i recommend investing in a good mascara to avoid this mistake.
Just because your compact came with four or more colors packaged together doesn’t mean you have to paint them all onto your eyelids at once.It is recommended to use not more than three shades at a time a medium shade on the lids, a lighter one to highlight the brow bone, and the darkest as a liner for the top and bottom lids. For a simpler, everyday application, you could skip the liner and just use a single light shade all over the lids up to the brows.
So I hope you keep these mistakes in mind and avoid them when u use makeup ! have fun n takecare!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Easy smokey eyes for beginers!

Smokey eyes look very glamorous for every occasion however it can be very difficult to achieve this look if you dont know the technique well. So here's a beginers guide with simple steps on how to get this look! So lets get started! Here I am gonna give u step by step instructions to create this exact look.
This step is very very important. A good primer not only help your eyeshadow last longer but also makes the colour more vibrant. Here i used urban decay primer potion.
Take a very light shade eyeshadow colour and apply it to the inner corners and as a highlight.This would help to open up your eyes. Here i used ESTEE LAUDER in pink ice.
Take a dark shade and start from the outer crease. Colour the crease in the darker shade creating an outer 'V'.blend otwards.Here i used estee lauder smokey.Then take the darkest shade and apply it all over the crease area to make it stand out. I used mac carbon.Taking the same eyeshadow line the lower lash line.Apply a black kohl on the lower water line and smudge it using a q tip.Apply eyeliner and false eyelashes to give it a dramatic effect. I used lakme insta liner for a finer effect.
So here we are! I hope this would make thingssimple for u guys if u try out these instructions step by step.

Hello world

Hey everyone,welcome to my blog! I am just a regular girl who loves makeup, and i was born and raised in India. I have done post graduation in life sciences & i love nature and everything beautiful.Apart from my job i love to share my passion for makeup with everyone.Initially i started by giving reviews and sharing my knowledge with my friends and family and now i have truely discovered my love for makeup and everything related to it.I love the feeling of making others feel beautiful & confident and showing them that makeup can be more than just eyeshadow and lipstick! Good makeup makes you feel good from inside as well as outside. I feel that there r no ugly women in the world only lazy ones! So I am creating this blog to share my makeup knowledge with every one. Hope u all enjoy reading my blogs as much as I do writing them!

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