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Monday, November 15, 2010

Easy and simple steps to remove BLACKHEADS

Most of us have blackheads at one point of time or another. In fact there will be people who will not be able to recognize their face  without blackheads! Blackheads are the result of follicles that are wider than normal that end up getting plugged with old cell and sebum.With oxygen they undergo an oxidation reaction(a chemical reaction) causing the material in the follicle to become black in color.Hence blackheads must be properly removed else they can cause severe acne problem.So first let us look at the healthy skin practices to remove them.       1)Drinking lots of water:
I know u have heard this many times but trust me this really works! You should keep yourself hydrated and in a few days u will see that it not only makes your skin feel and look fresh but it also aids in your digestion! So go ahead and drink lots of water!!
2)Wash and cleanse your face regularly with cold water:

Scrubbing the skin too much can also increased oil secretion in the skin on the face and thus, may lead to accumulation of dirt in the pores, leading to blackheads being formed.Also using skin products with high oil content can lead to formation of blackheads.Problems like indigestion constipation and anemia can also increase the amount of blackheads.
While squeezing is the most common way to remove blackheads, it cannot and should not be done by using excessive physical strength, as it can lead to more acne related problems. It is also not one of the best ways to remove blackheads. Also take care, to wipe the surface clean and not use one's fingers, so as to not spread it onto the other areas. Another easy and quick solution to the question of how to remove blackheads is using strips. These strips are used on the nasal region or other regions of the face, to remove surface blackheads effectively. Just place the strip onto the area affected for a short while, and pull off, to remove from the affected area.
If you have developed blackheads then here are some home tips to get rid of them.
Steaming method:
Boil a pot of water and add lemon to it.Throw a towel over you head so that it covers the pot keeping the steam within and lean over the pot and breath deeply.Do this for five minutes until your face is wet with steam. This opens your pores!Now you can use a cotton ball over the affected ares and dislodge the blackheads  Continuing on, add some cooler water to the pot so that the water remains quite hot, but not boiling, so that you may apply it to affected areas. Do so with a wet cotton pad, wringing it out, and pressing blackhead areas with the pad. Ensure the pad remains hot. Also, be careful not to burn yourself! Cleanse after the use of this method. 
And lastly dont forget to wash your face before going to bed.I have seen people going to bed with makeup on their face !! This is strict no no as this will cause clogging of your pores and lead to formation of blackheads.
So i hope keeping these simple steps in mind you can get rid of those blackheads on you face!!


  1. where will i get those strips ? are they available in the market?

  2. ya these are available in the market.

  3. does these strips don't hurt your skein ? beacuse I have very sensitive skin