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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Simple steps to fix broken eyeshadows!

Unlike a broken heart Eye Shadows can be fixed in just few seconds! I tried it and it really works! I had this beautiful eyeshadow and by mistake it fell down and  broke oopss! I was so disappointed, I was given advice by like so many people on how to fix it back but they were like so lengthy complicated steps till my friend told me this amazing trick ! It was so simple and in no time i got my pallet back!
Things YOU will need:
1) ur broken eyeshadow obviously duh!
2) 70% Rubbing alcohol
STEP 1: add a few drops of rubbing alcohol on broken eyeshadow.Now u may ask how much alcohol do i put? Keep in mind that u want damp shadow not dripping wet! just soak the eyeshadow in alcohol.
STEP 2: 
Press down the eyeshadow using your fingertip,compacting the eyeshadow back in the form of its container! Instead of your fingertips you can use Kleenex too!
Take a coin wrap it in a cloth and press it down on the eyeshadow and this will make your eyeshadow look absolutely fresh and new! now u r good to go...yaaayyy u have fixed ur eyeshadow in these simple steps.