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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hair care tips for WINTERS!

It's winter and that time of the year when your hair need extra care.So i am gonna discuss some easy ways in  which you can keep your hair protected from cold and at the same time look and feel your best! So lets get started!!
1)If you find your hair becoming extra dry during winter then cut down on frequent washing and avoid harsh shampoos.
2)Oiling your hair once a week is something you should never forget! Then dip a towel in hot water squeeze out the water and wrap the towel around your head.Keep it for five minutes.This helps the hair absorb the oil better.
)Wear a scarf hat or a cap. Not only it looks chic but also it will protect your hair from cold,but make sure your scarf or hat is not too tight so that it restricts circulation in your scalp.
2) Lock in hair moisture by running your hair through cold water. This also gives your hair an extra shine.
3)Do not overuse your hair dryer and iron.This causes water loss in hair and leads to their damage.
4)An easy way to deal with hair static is to spray some amount of hair spray on your hair brush and brush it from top to bottom.
5)Massage your hair with aloe vera juice as it replenishes moisture.
So i hope keeping these simple steps in mind you can take care of your hair and look your best this season! All the best.
Love Shikha.


  1. shikha didi plz tell me the basisi to keep my sikn glowy n fair :)

  2. A really good way to get fair and glowing skin is to practice natural skin care routine! Follow these simple step and you will notice the results yourself.
    1)Clean and ex foliate skin: you can buy CLINIQUE 3 STEP SYSTEM.I have tried it myself. It is expensive but worth buying. If u dont wana spend that much then u can go for any alchohal free cleanser. A home remedy is a mixture of tamato juice and honey cleanses skin very well.
    U can ex foliate your skin using finely grinded almond and milk.
    2)Always use a sunscreen even in winters.That helps to block UV A and UV B RAYS FROM DAMAGING UR SKIN.
    keeping these simple steps in mind you can c the difference in ur skin in almost a few days ! hope that helped!

  3. thanx didi for ur reply i will do it
    but my skin is oily so m bit consiuos abt the creams