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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Tips for guaranteed SUCCESS in anything you do:

Hello my beautiful people! It is a lovely morning as I write this post.. Today I decided to share some of my secrets for success which if you follow will surely guarantee success in all your endeavors. I have held some seminars and lectures on 'How to motivate yourself to succeed' and over the years i have developed some strategies that have worked for me as well as my friends and co workers in achieving their goals.  But before we discuss the strategies to succeed , I want you to firmly believe that your performance is not only based on your ability but also your motivation. And here in this post I will be mainly concentrating on sharing with you some of my best motivational strategies. So without any further delay, let us begin!

The first thing which we need to do is change our approach when we are struggling to achieve something. Here I am reminded of Sir Isaac Newton's First Law of motion which says: Body at rest tend to remain at rest : some people simply are not motivated enough to take any action. So the question now is how to get started? For starters, you can simply set a deadline like I am not going to sleep or rest till I find a job or for students " finish this chapter"! But setting a deadline is a short term strategy and if you are constantly under pressure it can soon become demotivating and that is not what we want right? There can be some reasons as to why you are not taking any action and waiting for things to happen on their own. These reasons can be A)Habit B) No means at hand C) perceived cost is too high D) You may be lying to yourself about what you want!!!!

Who said you have to be the best in everything you do? Not being athletic enough or smart enough or artistic enough or talented enough, doesn't mean you can't play a sport or make the honor roll or take amazing/artistic photos or sing/dance. And if you believe you can't do something because you aren't good enough, well then you believe in nonsense, which is holding you back!  Let me share my little story with you guys. There is a prestigious exam in my country clearing which is no joke! A lot of fellows from my class did not clear it after so many attempts! But I was determined to succeed and I not only cracked it but also got a very good rank. It is not that I am super intelligent or something but I had this strong notion in my head that things will happen the way I want them to happen. Our brain begins to believe what we want it to believe. Had I thought I cant do it just because other people failed, I would have surely failed. Rather I thought I would surely succeed no matter what and I didn't even once think about my failure. This led me to success and there was no looking back. 

Another key concept with success is commitment. Commitment is absolutely necessary in order to achieve goals. You can say you will do something, but until you actually make a decision to commit to it and follow through with the relevant steps, you will most likely not see progress and achievement towards that desired outcome. 

Strategies to succeed:

 1. Visualize you success:
Think about your goal, how will you feel after achieving it? Who all will rejoice with you after your success? Trust your gut feeling when it says "You can do it:!

2. Create healthy competition with yourself:
One of my favorite approaches! If someone doesn't believe you can do it, then prove that person wrong. How? By showing them that you can achieve that goal, and even exceed that goal. Go after exceeding your expectations and the expectations of those who don't support you. Show yourself and them otherwise!  Repeat this mantra in your mind" I am going to step up and prove everyone wrong".

3. Don't forget to reward yourself along the way:
You should reward yourself along every little step you achieve towards your goal. This will keep you motivated. Have a theme song to get you psyched about the opportunity and the steps towards your goal! 

Having said all this it is not only visualization, theme song and the mantra alone which will make you succeed! You will need to follow through with the necessary actions to achieve your goal.So get up, get started! A whole new world of opportunities and success awaits you!!!! 

Don't forget to share your success story below!

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