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Monday, December 10, 2012

Say NO to "puffy eye" naturally!!

Hey everyone,

I am gonna share with you some easy and simple tips for puffy or swollen eyes. We all have puffy eyes at some point of time. It may be due to lack of sleep, fluid retention, aging, nutrition or other factors. But you need not worry now. Here are some simple home made remedies to cure puffy eyes and enhance the beauty of your eyes.

1) You can place cold tea bags under your eyes. the antioxidants in it help to soothe them.

2) One of the very effective remedy for swollen eyes is potato juice. Peel a potato and grate it. squeeze out some juice and apply to the under eye area.
3) Mix papaya and curd and place this mixture under your eyes for ten mins. This will also help to cure your swollen eyes.

4) Limit your alchohal intake as it causes your blood vessels to dilate and pump more fluid in surronding tissues causing under eye swelling.

5) you can also apply raw milk to your swollen eye area. It will help to soothe your puffiness.

So these are some simple and easily available home tips which you can use and they will hardly take much time, but the results would surely be amazing.

i hope you guys will find these tips handy and useful and if you have any questions feel free to ask. Thanks!

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